Stephen J. Long, PresidentStephen J. Long President of Vision Investigative Services

Has been a private investigator for forty six years and licensed in California since 1980. Prior to being licensed in California Mr. Long was licensed in Ohio. Starting in 1969, Mr. Long managed investigative agencies in New York, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Los Angles, and Hawaii. A former instructor at three American Polygraph Association certified schools and perennial speaker on the subject of interrogation, criminal defense investigation, and demonstrative evidence, he has assembled a staff, heretofore nonexistent, in the private investigator sector.  Mr. Long has been featured by The Associated Press, Honolulu Star Bulletin, network and local television, national and international radio and as a keynote speaker for bar associations, colleges, professional coalitions, the American Society of Industrial Security, and national and international corporations.

Vision Staff Investigators

Vision Staff Investigators have an aggregate professional experience totaling over one hundred and sixty years.  Each staff member has been selected to service highly selective client needs.  For example, Surveillance investigators are never used to conduct Interviews and Interrogations.  Our videographers generally work exclusively in that area and would never serve as an investigative expert.

Vision Impact Graphics ®

Vision has been the vanguard in the creation of demonstrative evidence digital slide shows.  Vision Impact Graphics® is now widely used in both civil and criminal trials.  Once used only in pricey Criminal Defense and Civil Cases, this modern day illustrative methodology has found its way into district attorney offices and used in the prosecution of criminal suspects.  To counter this prosecutorial tool, Vision offers the most efficient and cost effective digital courtroom displays available.
  Hundreds of the nation's industrial giants have selected Mr. Long and his staff to assist them with employee Theft Detection and Deterrence. His staff has secured in excess of one half billion dollars in employee theft confessions and has assisted in securing tens of millions of dollars in theft restitution.

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