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There are thousands of private investigators throughout the United States, and thousands of polygraph examiners as well. Those numbers shrink considerably when seeking an experienced private investigator coupled with decades of polygraph experience. In almost every Polygraph examination, tenured investigators experience is imperative. At Vision Polygraph and Investigative Services, our certified polygraph expert is also the investigator license holder and senior investigator. Stephen Long has been employed as a private investigator and polygraph expert for forty-six years. Mr. Long has also testified on over three hundred occasions in criminal trials during his career, and was a pioneer in producing demonstrative evidence in both civil and criminal trials. He has been court qualified numerous times throughout the United States. The restrictions of utilizing polygraph testing in California Courts has not discouraged hundreds of client law firms from testing clients, the results of which are sometimes used in bail and sentence reduction. Many practicing attorneys actually do seek the services of an eminently qualified examiner to ferret out aspects of their case that may otherwise remain unknown. We understand that no attorney wants to be surprised in court, and an untruthful client may insure that this may very well occur. We currently note a measurable increase in the amount of testing by our immigration attorney clients, especially those specializing in criminal deportation issues. Prior to the most advanced computerized polygraph instruments, validity statistics were vague. In studies conducted in the 1970’s, validity in university controlled studies reached as high as 96% accuracy while utilizing analog instruments. Modern computerized polygraph instruments (and their algorithmic software) now produce accuracy records with as high as a 000.1% chance of error. The FBI, Dept. of Defense, Postal Inspectors, the Military and U.S. Customs perform over one hundred thousand polygraph tests per year, and private practice examiners conduct even more polygraph tests. In 2013, U.S. Customs conducted approximately 10,000 tests and uncovered over 200 “Wrong doers.” With the current threats along our borders, our country needs every tool available to detect, and then remove any such threat. They rely on polygraph testing to assist them with that task. Our testing rates are reasonable and we are available to assist you, today.
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