Polygraph (Lie Detector) Services

Properly administered polygraph examinations ensure an extremely high level of accuracy and very often elicit admissions from deceptive individuals.  These lie detector examinations frequently validate the innocence of those accused of wrongdoing or crimes.

About the Polygraph (Lie Detector)

The history of lie detection transcends many centuries although the greatest advances to modern day polygraph occurred in the 1940's through the 1960's.  Some twenty years ago, the traditional analog polygraph instrument became available in a computerized version.  The same physiological data are collected and analyzed with computerized digital testing instruments although the algorithmic software used in digital polygraph instruments is designed to detect the physiological changes.  Experienced polygraph experts that employ computerized testing still rely on visual analysis of the recorded data and many still employ the use of analog instruments.

Why Don't They Use Polygraph In Court?

Some courts do!  Many others allow the test results and testimony from the examiner if there is a prior stipulation between the parties.  Many of the attorney's that employ lie detection services from Vision Investigative Services simply use it to illustrate to opposing attorneys and judges that their client has taken, and passed the polygraph test.  We have always believed that people have the right to seek out, and then learn the truth.  For example, in most states, infidelity is not even considered during a divorce proceeding.  We don't believe that should exclude the parties in a marriage to be deprived of the truth and in fact, many marriages have been saved because a suspected spouse has been cleared of this marital misconduct.  The lie detection method of truth verification has been instrumental in clearing, as well as detecting those accused of child and spousal abuse.
How Often Are Lie Detector Tests Given?
Hundreds of thousands of polygraph tests are administered each year by the FBI the CIA, Military Intelligence and police agencies throughout the United States.  An greater amount are administered in private practice each year.

Are They Perfect?

That depends on who you ask.  It may well also include on whom you choose to conduct your polygraph test.  If you scan the internet, there appears to be some pretty angry people who claim that it's validity is suspect.  One might wonder if they just could not lie their way through the exam, or if perhaps an incompetent examiner administered the test.

Validating The Test

The lead polygraph specialist at Vision Investigative Services spent the first twenty years of his forty six year investigative career working with businesses to detect theft and also clearing suspects that might have otherwise lost their employment do to management suspicions dealing with their involvement in theft.  During that period of time, Stephen Long, owner of Vision Investigative Services, managed to verify deceptive charts in all but a few of the thousands of tests that he administered.  In addition to this form of validation, he was only challenged on his opinion in two of his tests, and those challenges did not completely dispute his findings.  In both cases, the opposing examiner claimed that their own independent test findings were considered inconclusive.  In other words, they never claimed that the examinations administered by Mr. Long were inaccurate.  Having conducted well over twenty five thousand polygraph examinations, that claim is quite impressive.  Considering that doctors routinely misdiagnose their patients, or that innocent people are convicted of crimes that they have never committed making the judicial process at least occasionally flawed, it makes Mr. Long's history of polygraph examination even more impressive.

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