Domestic Investigations

Infidelity, adultery, cheating spouse, being unfaithful, having an affair, Child Custody, Child Abuse, Parental Abuse...Stalking Investigation

Deciding whether to preserve a relationship, verifying that your children are in a balanced and safe environment during visitation, or verifying that a former or estranged spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend is not criminally stalking you are highly sensitive issues that require highly experienced assistance.

  Your investigator must first establish with you the most probable times and locations to conduct the necessary surveillance to eliminate wasteful hours and related expense and fees.  The investigator must also insure that the object of the investigation does not detect him or her during surveillance.  Detection by the subject of the
surveillance will all but assure that future observation will become more difficult and increasingly expensive to you.
  Videotape must be clear and concise and in child custody and stalking cases the investigator must be experienced in courtroom testimony.  This is not a task for just anyone with a camera or video recorder.   Infrared video recording is an absolute must since in the large majority of cases, night work is involved.
  Vision Investigative Services uses highly skilled
investigators to conduct these types of surveillances and in most cases the investigator has been retired from law enforcement.

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