DUI / DWI Investigations

The Benefits of DUI - DWI Investigation

Our investigations ensure accuracy of the police report and attempt to uncover inconsistencies that often exists in the Officer’s report. These inconsistencies can be utilized by your attorney to your benefit in negotiating a superior deal in court or in fighting to keep your license with the Department of Licensing. Often police reports summarize the reason for the stop or the field sobriety tests and are therefore devoid of details. The success of DUI cases is typically dependent on these details. Regrettably, police reports often contain information that is simply not accurate. Our reports are fact based and detail accurately the scene of the police stop or the location of the field sobriety tests. Our report have uncovered facts that have resulted in dismissals in court, amendments to a lesser charge in court, and dismissals of Department of Licensing actions. If there are errors in the police report pertaining to the physical conditions of the police stop or the area where the fields sobriety testing took place, we will find them.

Why Can’t my Attorney do the Investigation?

Of course, your attorney can do an investigation of the scene and of your case in its entirety. There are problems with this, however. Your attorney may not be a trained investigator, but more importantly, your attorney cannot independently testify to certain facts relating to your case. We can. Also, we work with your attorney and supplement their work. It is a more powerful tool to have an “independent investigation” when fighting your case than simply some findings your attorney may have.

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If you need immediate assistance call us at: 707.332.7755