Interrogation & Interviewing Investigations

Typically, investigators have only one single opportunity to conduct a proper and effective witness or suspect interview.  If this event becomes a missed opportunity, valuable information may be lost forever and otherwise successful cases may go awry.

One of the most critical stages of many investigations, both in the private and police sector, is the subject's interview and interrogation. Many cases are won or lost on the basis of this critical stage of investigation.
   Stephen J. Long has written hundreds of articles on the subject of interviewing and interrogation. He has been employed by three American Polygraph Association-sanctioned schools and has assisted hundreds of businesses and law firms with suspect questioning. An error or ineffective interviewing can often cause a solvable case to fail. Intensive interrogation should never be placed in the hands of an unskilled and untrained investigator. Mr. Long and his staff have conducted tens of thousands of successful interviews and interrogations.
    Proper interviewing/interrogation can eliminate countless and often expensive investigative hours.

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