Technology Investigations

Computer Forensics Consulting

 Computer crimes are increasing exponentially each year, and we have found that our forensic investigation services now must include “computer forensics consulting” for preventative purposes, as well as for prosecution or litigation.  When digitally encoded or stored information or evidence is collected, identified, examined and recorded in order to document an activity, we are conducting a computer forensic investigation.  “Computer forensics consulting” is based on the same methodology of searching for, analyzing and documenting data, but with the additional goals of system improvement and protection. 

Our computer forensics consulting services are recommended for the following applications:

  • security risk assessments
  • intellectual property protection
  • technical pretrial consulting and evidence evaluation
  • examination of potentially compromised systems
  • damage assessment and data recovery
  • recover deleted or lost files
Computer Forensic Investigation

If there is a ‘bug’ in your system, or you cannot explain an apparent information leak, a computer forensic investigation may reveal sabotage or the source of the leak.  Some business intelligence professionals understand the wealth of valuable information stored in computer systems, and make it a practice to take what they can get …. however they can get it.  Spyware is a perfect example of a common business intelligence technique which is causing countless system problems and security breaches, especially for financial institutions. 

During a computer forensic investigation, each computer is treated as a crime scene … because it has been the target or instrument of a crime.  Our expert in computer forensics consulting will instruct our clients how to secure the scene to prevent corruption of evidence.  By analyzing the server and terminal data, our expert will isolate and preserve the evidence which might reveal the methods and identities of individuals responsible for embezzlementfraud, criminal or inappropriate conduct. 

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