Affordable and Comprehensive Results

 Once our office receives a case, a senior member of our staff immediately evaluates each Criminal, Civil, or commercial/private case that has been referred to our firm.
  Generally, within hours after assessing the case facts, we will provide a general assessment of the case and investigative recommendations.
  Budgetary considerations will be included with each assessment. In criminal and civil cases, split fee arrangements are occasionally suggested to minimize the financial impact of each case.
  Utilizing our extensive background in case evaluation oftentimes allows us to cull information that may have been missed by lawyers, businesses and laypersons, alike.  Unfortunately, police reports generally contain numerous contradictions and frequently exaggerated statements that, to an inexperienced or untrained eye, might sadly, be overlooked.  While this may appear somewhat simplistic, this type of information has frequently been a key ingredient in the successful conclusion of a case.
  Having Extensive Experience in report analysis, coupled with retired law enforcement personnel on our staff, enables and ensures a rapid identification of report deficiencies and poor police investigative technique with little difficulty. This translates into a more cost efficient investigation and an enviable number of favorable criminal, civil and industrial case/trial results.

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